‘Tis the season for fun and joy … it is that time of year when people freak out about buying friends, family, and significant others the perfect gift. Well, worry not. I put together the ultimate gift buying guide for the MBA in your life.

MBA Gift Guide

Themed Costumes – An MBA program isn’t really a top program without its share of theme parties. With each of these parties, there is a need for a themed costume. For the MBA in your life, here are a few themes that they’ll need costume for, in order for them to truly enjoy their MBA experience:

1980s – The ‘80s party is a tradition at Fuqua (and I am told at many MBA programs) and so be sure to load up on ‘80s gear such as baggy nylon pants, slap bracelets, and neon colored items. Need inspiration?

Dipesh in his 80's costume
My '80s costume.

Halloween – Halloween is a big deal in most MBA programs and the MBA in your life wants to dress to impress. Take note of the most creative costumes and load your MBA up with awesome options, especially now when prices are not off the charts. Does this a-peel to you?

Photo of Dipesh in his halloween costume
My Halloween costume.

Other Notable Themes: Nerd, Lumberjack, Ugly X-Mas Sweater, White Clothing, Santa Claus, Graffiti, and any other theme you can imagine. The more options your MBA has, the better off they will be.

Travel Gear – An MBA wouldn’t be an MBA without taking way too many global trips while in school. A few options for gifts could include guide books, backpacking gear (i.e. daypack, backpack, etc.), airline miles, hotel points, and anything else that can be used for traveling.

Technology – The MBA in your life wants the newest, sleekest technology. Therefore, consider a few options:

  • Laptop – Small, sleek, and thin – consider a ultrabook or a Macbook air
  • Smartphone – This is a necessity. Pick your poison on service provider, but MBAs must have a smartphone
  • Multiple Phone Chargers – Your MBA will be spending a fair amount of time at school and may need an additional phone charger
  • Tablet – iPad, Nexus, or Microsoft Surface may do the trick
  • E-Reader – A lightweight Kindle or Nook may be the perfect companion for your globe-trotting MBA

Dress Clothes – Recruiting events, networking nights, and interviews all require some nice business clothing. While your MBA may have this covered, it never hurts to add to the portfolio. I would highly recommend investing in iron-free items which don’t require the drycleaner to look pressed and clean!

$$$ — Feel free to drop some money off to the MBA in your life. They are investing serious money into their education and many of the other things I mentioned above … Therefore, a kind donation from a friend or family member may be just the thing your MBA needs to plan that dream vacation or attend that awesome party or even buy a textbook for class!

Happy Gift Giving and Happy Holidays!