Photo of cherry blossoms at Fuqua
Cherry blossoms at Fuqua!

… and I’ll tell you why:

  1. No Recruiting! I wrote about my very hectic recruiting experience this year, and I’m pleased to report that it all paid off. I’m going to work at Morgan Stanley this summer as a credit analyst on their Fixed Income Desk — imagine a big trade floor, lots of computer monitors, lots of noise, etc. — I’m very excited. My wife doesn’t want to miss out on all the NYC fun, so I’m packing up my little family and we’re
    Phoot of Matt playing with his kids
    Enjoying the outdoors with my daughter.

    all moving to the big city this summer.

  2. Springtime. Growing up in Southern California, I’ve never really experienced a proper spring. I went out of town during spring break and came back to Durham to find all the trees filled with flower blossoms. In addition, the sun is shining, the temps are warmer, and the days are longer. I’m playing with my 2 toddlers outside a lot more, and we’re even going camping next week.
  3. School. The core curriculum that all first-year students go through (accounting, stats, operations, etc.) provides an excellent foundation in business. But, starting with Spring Term 2, our course load consists of electives, and so far it’s awesome. I’m in classes ranging from valuation to entrepreneurial strategy, and each one is fascinating in its own way. More importantly, all of the students in the electives are very passionate about the material, so the class discussions are very engaging.

So the journey continues. It was about this time last year that I was making decisions, resigning from my job, and getting ready to move cross-country to start my MBA. Looking back, I really feel like I have gotten exactly what I wanted out of Fuqua. If I could rewind the clock a year, I’d make the same choice again.