I was very skeptical about moving to Durham from New York. But two years later, I don’t want to leave! Of course, I missed the accessibility and 24/7 nature of the Big Apple (my home for several years), but Durham is very charming and a very easy place to live. My classmates and I are already feeling nostalgic about this place!

Visiting the Duke Lemur Center ... Yes! There are lemurs at Duke!
Visiting the Duke Lemur Center … Yes! There are lemurs at Duke!

So what’s so special about Durham? Here are 2 things that are at the top of my list:

1. The places you’ll eat!

I have a very long list of fancy restaurants, cheaper restaurants, food trucks and festival gatherings where I have literally eaten my heart out. Even better, food is always a good way to bring people together — whether we were going out for ice cream, making a Southern Fast Food quest, or making a home cooked meal to share a piece of our culture and heart with others — the result was usually delicious.

2. Never a dull moment – unless you want one!

Without question, Duke has a beautiful campus. There are beautiful gardensmuseums and architecture, as well as academic/speaker events and awesome art performances to keep you busy.

Further afield from your Fuqua home, there are state parks and great biking trails. There is always something happening on and off campus. Catch a Durham Bulls game. Visit the Duke Lemur Center — the only place on the planet with a sizable Lemur population outside of Madagascar! Living in Durham, you can be as active or relaxed as you want.

All that being said — don’t take my word for it.

Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh have been rated as some of the best cities to live in. Between all the academic institutions, entrepreneurial activity, sunshine and temperate winters, great restaurants, accessible outdoor activities and southern charm, it’s easy to see why.

As I move on and move away from Durham, I am already looking forward to coming back in the near future.

Take a look at some more photos from my time in Durham:

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