When evaluating business schools to apply to, I was actually first drawn to the Fuqua application because of the 25 Random Things essay. I thought this essay question really differentiated Fuqua from the other schools — here was a school that wanted to get to know the real me, and not the perfectly scripted essay version of me. It was through this essay prompt that I got my first glimpse of how much Fuqua cares about its students. I love how unique and ambiguous the prompt is, as it really gave me the opportunity to show Fuqua what makes me uniquely me and describe how I would fit into the Team Fuqua culture. This essay was one of my favorite things to ever write, and I hope you enjoy writing your version of the essay, too.

Here are 6 of my favorite random things about me:

  1. I wrote my undergraduate college admissions essay about Hello Kitty, and was accepted into every school I applied to. My personal statement was about my imaginary best friend Hello Kitty who shaped me into the person I grew up to be. Now, the billion-dollar kitty phenomenon is my role model — the Sanrio business model is gloriously brilliant.
  2. My life motto is “you can only reach as high as you dream, so dream bigger!”
  3. I’m allergic to coffee. But I’m very addicted to sugar …
  4. I have eaten dessert (usually multiple times) every single day for as long as I can remember. Dessert is my obsession and passion — it’s literally a part of me. After all, you are what you eat!
  5. I told everyone in high school and college that I would be on the Food Network one day. And I was! Fifteen months after college graduation I won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.
  6. My favorite restaurant is in Beijing, my favorite dessert is in Seoul, my favorite hotel is in Bangkok, and my favorite city is Taipei. But home is where the heart is, and that’s Los Angeles.

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