One of the most exciting events that the Health Care Club hosts is its annual conference. The November 2014 conference focused on innovation, and I had the chance to listen to two discussion panels during the day. The first was about how large established firms innovate in a changing industry, and the second was on the use of technology in health care (think along the lines of an electronic health record start-up).

It was incredibly fun and interesting to hear from experts in the field, especially in a group setting where there was lively debate and discussion on points raised during the panels. The sessions reminded me of our Health Sector Management (HSM) bootcamp speakers and our regular HSM seminars throughout the year. It’s truly an incredible opportunity to be in a community of like-minded, smart people who are making waves in the health care industry.

Another thing that delighted me was that Fuqua students were not the only ones participanting in the conference. Not only did I get to hear from and meet alumni from around the country, I also had the opportunity to meet students from other universities and business schools as well as health care providers from Duke University Medical Center. We wrapped up the day with a networking reception, which provided a more casual setting to follow up with some of the panelists and speak with recruiters. All in all, the healthcare conference was a combination of exciting learning and interactions that brought a community together for a day and created connections for the future!