Reflecting on my last two years as a Daytime Fuqua MBA student, I combined classroom learnings with various experiential learning programs. Coming from an energy and financial services background, I knew I needed to develop my functional skills further, regardless of my industry of choice. As a first-year MBA student, I enrolled in the Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum (FCCP) to further strengthen my functional skills in strategy and finance, helping a regional private jet company to understand its competitive positioning in the industry with the mentorship of Professor Pranab Majumder.

My “Accidental” Health Care Journey

I was not initially interested in pursuing health care, but I was influenced by a friend at Fuqua to explore the industry more. During the summer of 2022, I had the opportunity to intern with Bain & Company in Southeast Asia. I was part of the health care team, working with various clients across the health care ecosystem. My time with Bain & Company inspired me to get more involved in the health care industry. I decided to pursue the Health Sector Management (HSM) certificate at Fuqua to learn the health care value chain through in-class learning and health care-related experiential learning programs. I enrolled in various classes such as Medical Device Strategy, Healthcare Provider Strategy, and Biotech/Pharma Strategy to learn the basics of the industry. Armed with this foundation, I pursued three experiential learning programs in my second year at Fuqua to put health care theory into practice.

Mentoring MMS Students

As part of an MMS FCCP project, I was an Engagement Manager for a New York-based startup aiming to assess its competitiveness in the health tech industry. The experience challenged me to lead a team of MMS students with minimal working experience in the health care industry. Monthly leadership training sessions with Professor Stephanie Knight and Professor Tony O’Driscoll were eye-opening. They helped me understand my leadership style and the nuances of the health tech industry.

Adam Malik with his MMS FCCP team at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business
Me (far left) with my MMS FCCP mentees and Professor Tony O’Driscoll (far right)

Duke University Hospital Experiential Learning Program (DUHELP)

As part of DUHELP, I was involved in a hospital operations project to expand the enrollment of patients into a new health care vertical at Duke University Hospital (DUH). I had the opportunity to shadow pharmacy technicians, attend various DUH leadership meetings, and receive mentorship from Professor James Emery to deepen my knowledge of hospital administration and operations further.

Me (far right) with my mentors (from left to right) Professor Stephanie Knight, Fiona Behm, Professors Pranab Majumder and Professor James Emery
Me (far right) with my mentors (from left to right) Professor Stephanie Knight, Fiona Behm, Professor Pranab Majumder and Professor James Emery

Mentored Study Program (MSP)

In MSP, I led a large-scale survey of the Durham Habitat for Humanity Repairs Program, focusing on the impact of the repairs program on the beneficiaries’ health and wellness. I also had the opportunity to volunteer as a builder throughout my two-year Fuqua journey.

Adam Malik in front of Habitat for Humanity sign
Me volunteering as a builder with Durham Habitat for Humanity

Post-MBA Impact

Through health care classes and experiential learning programs at Fuqua, I learned about my skills gap and developed various skillsets that would be essential for my post-MBA roles. The experiential learning program solidified my industry and functional knowledge, and it gave me a glimpse into my future career in consulting. My Fuqua MBA journey has been a transformative experience, and I look forward to engaging with health care again when I return to Southeast Asia.