On September 25, Fuqua Friday was transformed from simply a social gathering to an event with a social impact. Over 400 members of the Fuqua community convened in the Fox Center to take part in the school’s largest community service event of the year, where in less than one hour volunteers packed over 50,000 meals for those in need!

Stop Hunger Now, in its fifth year at Fuqua, is a unique, annual event bringing all of the Fuqua family together for a cause that provides thousands of meals to people in need throughout the globe. As the largest event held by the MBA Association (MBAA) Service Committee, Stop Hunger Now draws participants from the Daytime, Cross Continent, and Weekend Executive MBA programs, our MMS student body, Fuqua faculty and staff, and Fuqua partners.  Meals packed during the event will go to individuals in areas affected by natural disasters and political crises, which in the past have included Haiti, Syria, and El Salvador.

The Stop Hunger Now event, driven in partnership with the Raleigh-based nonprofit of the same name, is the largest on-campus service event of the year, and introduces new members of the Fuqua community to the many opportunities to participate in service activities, both on and off campus, throughout the year. As a flagship event for the MBAA, Stop Hunger Now is one of the most impactful, and consistently most popular Fuqua Friday events of the year, and is a great representation of the principles of Team Fuqua and the social impact that can be made by leaders of consequence.

To see examples of Fuqua making an impact through community service check out #FuquaServes on Twitter and Instagram