Choosing what business school to attend is just like buying a house. You wouldn’t make a decision without looking at it, right? OK, OK, sometimes that happens when the market is just right. But still, usually you want to see it first. Oftentimes, you’ll check it out during an open house. When it comes to Fuqua, Blue Devil Weekend (BDW) is that open house.

Maybe you’ve already fallen in love and are just performing due diligence.

Perhaps you’re really on the fence and have a few questions to answer before committing.

Or maybe you’re considering joining the community as a partner and you and your prospective student have different ideas or preferences regarding what you’re looking for.

BDW is here to answer all of your questions and make sure that you are making the right choice about where you’ll be for the next two years.

When attending BDW, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the campus and Durham (the ‘neighborhood’), meet other Fuqua students and partners (the ‘neighbors’), and even learn more about the ins and outs of a Duke MBA (the ‘foundation and amenities’).

Stop by the Partners table at the Activities Fair to find out more about #fuquapartners! #dukebdw

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 When my wife, Anisha, and I first attended BDW in February two years ago, we were pretty sure Fuqua was the ideal place for us, from program to people to place. This was not our first time at Duke—Anisha had already attended a Weekend for Women event and I had gone on a campus tour after a nearby job interview. However, we like to cross our T’s and dot our I’s on any big decisions, so we decided to come back for BDW.

Right from the start of the programming we felt so welcomed on campus—like we were already a part Fuqua community. We met with Anisha’s admissions buddy, Julia, who answered the laundry list of questions we had from best classes to where students live in the area. Julia was basically our real-estate agent. We were also able to visit a few apartments in the area so that we were prepared when we committed to Fuqua.

This is a big decision to make, and BDW is a perfect opportunity to learn more about Fuqua. That way you know you’re making the right choice in picking your home for the next two years.

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