This place is truly special. It wasn’t long after joining Fuqua that I came to that realization, and every day I continue to encounter things that affirm it.

From the beginning I was welcomed with open arms by the Fuqua community—more enthusiastically than I ever imagined—from being embraced by a fantastic Admissions team, having colleagues share tips on the best spin studio to try out or inviting me to brunch on a Sunday afternoon and showing me around the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill areas, to students inviting me to their boot camp workouts because they know how much I enjoy fitness. I’ve been struck by how real and authentic everyone is, and getting to know my colleagues and our students has been one of the most enjoyable parts of my job so far.

I’m also delighted by how well we get to know our prospective students. Our “25 Random Things About Yourself” application essay is a big part of that. In that spirit, I’m sharing my ’25 things’ so that you can get to know me better, with hopes I’ll get to read your own version one day.

  1. My father is currently serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Uganda—very proud of him
  2. I am a newly minted Auntie. My younger sister just had her first child—Charlotte “Charli”
  3. I have a famous Aunt—she was the 1st mother on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air
  4. I am a Virgo and totally live up to the definition
  5. I was named after Shari Lewis of the “Shari Lewis and Lambchop” show
  6. I had a near fatal kayaking accident in college—haven’t stepped foot in a kayak in over 25 years
  7. I brought a pair of pink silk pajamas and a curling iron to a weeklong camping trip in the wilderness of Mount Moosilauke—clueless college student!
  8. I consider myself a connector and enjoy coaching/mentoring young professionals
  9. I love romantic comedies and action movies (Muriel’s Wedding and any of the X-Men, James Bond movies are among my favorites)
  10. My favorite female actor is Meryl Streep; favorite male actor is Robert De Niro
  11. My favorite music artists are Annie Lennox, Seal, Adele and New Edition–I have very eclectic tastes in music and shows
  12. I enjoy Karaoke but am tone deaf
  13. The most memorable place I’ve visited is Angkor Wat—very spiritual
  14. The most beautiful place I’ve visited is the Amalfi Coast—breathtaking
  15. I was recognized in March with a distinguished alumni service award by Harvard Business School at their annual African-American Student Union Conference—for my work helping young people pursue their dreams through the value of an MBA—very humbled and proud. LOVE MY JOB
  16. I grew up in a single parent household with my mom. She was my hero—sacrificed her career to work as a full-time nanny to put me through college
  17. I love Brussels sprouts and eat them every chance I get
  18. Despite my chosen career path, I am an introvert naturally. My Myers Brigg indicators are ISFJ
  19. I still get butterflies when I have to speak in public or present to large audiences
  20. My happy place is having a glass of wine, sitting on the couch after work getting caught up on my Netflix, Hulu and Sling TV shows (currently watching Handmaids Tale, Rake, House of Cards, Casual, Queen Sugar, Grace & Frankie, Ray Donovan)
  21. I am an avid spinner
  22. I have traveled to all but one continent—Antarctica is on my bucket list—hopefully will get there before the next iceberg cracks off
  23. I am deathly afraid of horror movies and roller coasters
  24. I am an early riser, go to bed early, and can fall asleep in any moving object even if I just drank a cup of espresso
  25. I could in theory become a vegetarian—love vegetables and crave them, but in practice I am held back because I love PORK even more