OK prospective students, we know. You’ve wondered and don’t want to ask. How do you say our school’s name?

Full confession here: I’m the assistant dean of the Daytime program and an alumnus, but I also wasn’t sure how to say it when I applied! 

Is it Foo-qua? Fu-qway? Few-ca? We’ve heard every version, including pronunciations we can’t repeat. It’s one of the most common questions people wonder, so we made the video below to help. Spoiler alert—it’s pronounced “Few-kwa.”

A bonus for saying it right is that our alumni will love you. They take pride in the correct pronunciation. Also, a fun fact: the voices in the video are all connected with our school. Here they are in order of appearance:

I hope to see you soon at “Few-kwa,” and in the meantime, practice that pronunciation!