After waiting for what seems like an eternity, you find out the admissions committee has placed you on the waitlist for admission to the Daytime MBA program. As someone who works closely with our waitlist applicants, I can understand the dismay and uncertainty you may feel. But know a waitlist decision is not the end of the road. Rather, it means the admissions committee sees potential in your application and will review it again in subsequent application rounds.

You might be asking yourself how you can get admitted from the waitlist. If that is the case, keep reading! Here are three things successfully admitted waitlisters have done that made the admissions committee say “admit.”

1. Follow the Instructions

This sounds simple but is sometimes an overlooked step—please read your entire waitlist decisions letter. I understand it can be tough to get past the first line, but this letter includes information about being considered in future application rounds. You need to confirm your spot on the waitlist to show the admissions committee that you want us to continue to review your application. This process takes about 30 seconds and makes all the difference in how your application is viewed moving forward! Once you confirm your spot, you will receive more information from us about how to send in updates about your candidacy.

2. Reflect on Your Application

We are not able to provide feedback on your application, but chances are you have an idea of which component of your candidacy needs more context or information. We evaluate six parts of your application: academics, work experience, leadership & community involvement, essays, letters of recommendation, and the interview.

Ask yourself, “Do I feel like I fall short in one of those categories? Could I provide more information about a piece of my application?”

If you are not sure, I strongly encourage you to join us at a virtual session for waitlisted students. These chats happen with a member of the admissions committee after Rounds 1 and 2 and provide general guidance and information about the admissions process after receiving a waitlist decision.

3. Send Updates & Stay in Touch

We want to hear from you! Once you confirm your spot on the waitlist, you will get instructions on how to stay in touch with the admissions committee. Any updates you submit will be attached to your application and read by the admissions committee. An update can be anything you want the admissions committee to know while considering your applications, such as a new test score, a promotion at work, or even a note saying how much you want to attend Fuqua!

But how much is too much? We recommend sending us two to three meaningful updates for each round that you are on the waitlist.

The biggest take away from this is that the admissions committee admits students from the waitlist in every application round, so you have a chance to make your application as competitive as possible. Remember to confirm your spot, keep in touch, and send us any updates. The admissions team is always willing to help or answer general application-related questions you have, so please feel free to contact us at any time.

I wish you the best of luck and hope to hear from you soon!

For additional information and answers to frequently asked questions, please review our Waitlist FAQ.