If you have spent just a few moments with someone at Fuqua, you probably figured out that we are passionate about our school. Each person has his or her own story of the things they love about this place that make it so special. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I spoke with some of our students to highlight the top things they love the most about Fuqua!

World-Class Faculty

“The opportunity to take classes from people like Cathy Clark, Doug Breeden, Cam Harvey and others”

Ayush Mansingh, Class of 2019

Career Management Resources

“Fuqua’s solid reputation in the industries I was targeting has helped me land the internships and the full-time jobs I was targeting.”

Adhish Bhobe, Class of 2019

The Learning Experience

“The never-ending learning experience. It is shocking and at the same time humbling, to share the classrooms with brilliant students, professors, invitees, and executives that shape the Fuqua experience. And it is not just during the classes. The cafeteria, the corridors, the team rooms—all these places hosted some of the best conversations that I’ve had in my life. I’ve learned different perspectives, cultures, subjects, and concepts. Each one of them is helping me to grow, and helping me to become the best version of myself, one conversation at a time.”

Ismael Hernandez, Class of 2019.

The Students

“What I love most about Fuqua are my classmates. I used to work in education policy, so it was important to me that my business school peers were invested in both their work and their community. My friends at Fuqua care deeply about the impact they’ll have in their future careers and also pursue their passions in their free time. I have loved making the most of my time in Durham with my classmates, from exploring Eno River State Park to trying new restaurants to volunteering at the local food bank to going to performances at the Durham Performing Arts Center.”

Hannah Lauber, Class of 2019

Student-Led Culture

“What I most love about Fuqua is that every initiative at school is student-led. The students are empowered to create new things every day and change what they believe can be improved. One example is that as co-presidents of the Latin American Student Association, my classmate and I thought the club needed more energy to support our members in the recruiting season. Our career team created workshop sessions to prepare students by sharing the main differences between recruiting in Latin America and the United States. All of this was done without the need of the administration approval because they support and believe that the students know what is best for each club.”

Carol Dias Gomes, Class of 2019