This past year, Fuqua launched a new set of core summer term introductory courses. One class was Technological Transformation of Business, which discussed how technology and specific companies revolutionized and disrupted markets, institutions, businesses, and ultimately, society.

Due to the pandemic, it was a hybrid class, meaning it was both online and in-person, depending on your preference. My MBA Class of 2022 got to be the guinea pigs of both that format and the actual course content—meaning a class that was already impactful in its first iteration will only get better from here!

It was fascinating to learn about a range of topics from automation at Tesla to 3D printing at different manufacturing plants. The course taught us how to think critically about the consequences (both good and bad) of a specific technology and its implications on a business or industry. We even learned about how the skills required for operating and making decisions for a tech firm are fundamentally different than other non-tech businesses. For example, in the class, we discussed the skills that Amazon needed to sell Kindle books and how they varied from the skills of Barnes & Noble to sell physical books. Another example is when we discussed the situational pros and cons of 3D printing, as opposed to typical large-scale manufacturing.

A single, seemingly small technology can disrupt or even create entire industries. One of the most interesting topics in the course for me was how Big Tech companies, like Google, create an ecosystem through positive network interactions between their customers, advertisers, and content creators. If you don’t know much about the examples or topics that I just mentioned—I know I didn’t before coming to Fuqua!—then the class is perfect for you. The professors taught the content in a digestible, easy-to-learn format. Coming from a non-tech background, I learned so much.

The class proved really helpful as I pursue an internship in tech. It gave me a foundational understanding of the industry and evolution of businesses, along with their business models. It also gave me an idea of what skills are valuable in the industry. Overall, the class prepared me for interviews, gave me better critical-thinking skills, and trained me for an internship in tech (hopefully…it’s interview season right now!).

For anyone who is interested in tech, Fuqua is an incredible school and is putting an emphasis on the industry. And it shows. Fuqua sends a huge number of students and alumni into the industry, whether it be product management, operations, marketing, or some other function. The Technological Transformation of Business class is just another piece of how Fuqua is preparing its students for careers in that field.