My decision to pursue an MBA at Duke came during a critical moment in March 2020, working on the frontlines of the pandemic as a nurse in a makeshift intensive care unit for COVID patients.

The pandemic was my wake-up call (as it probably was for all of us) to the inefficiencies I was experiencing in the health care system, directly impacting my colleague’s and patients’ lives. Also, during that time, I organized health care hackathons and witnessed the power technology could play in addressing these pain points—discovering my passion for tech. That transition influenced me to pursue my MBA and a career change.

There was a multitude of factors, three of which I’ll highlight, that drew me to Fuqua.

Health Sector Management (HSM) Program

I wanted to better understand the complexities of health care globally and in the United States. Here I am in Spring 2 HSM Seminar, hearing guest lectures from partners at some of the most prominent health care venture capital firms, founders of global health care startups, and leaders in the health tech space.

The Section Experience

Being amongst a tight-knit group throughout your first year is truly an invaluable experience. From informal dinners to the 15-minute break between classes and navigating recruiting prep, I constantly am learning and experiencing new opportunities with my Section 4 peers.

Well-Established Recruiting Pipeline for Tech

Duke MBA Tech Club has a clear track record of placing at the top tech companies, and that built-in support system was critical. The Pipeline series laid the crucial framework for navigating tech recruiting. It helped me unpack how my past experiences are an invaluable transferrable asset. Fuqua alums at different tech companies extended a helping hand to organize coffee chats and mock interviews. Company-specific case competitions enabled the transfer of classroom knowledge into practice by pitching strategic initiatives to employees.

As I head off this summer to intern at Dell Technologies as a product manager, I’ve seen how the factors that initially drew me to Fuqua have been the navigational markers throughout my first year! Ultimately, we are all drawn to Fuqua for different reasons. Being your authentic self will keep you rooted along your MBA journey!