We all think we understand business school life—until we actually start living it! Most of us have at least a couple of misplaced notions about going to b-school. Here are some of mine about Fuqua that have been busted during my time here!

1. You will be cold-called in every class.

The dread of getting cold-called in a class you have no idea about is real. But the truth is, you’ll likely never feel this dread at Fuqua. Moments where professors need to cold-call are extremely rare because they’ll usually always have voluntary participation, given the incredibly enthusiastic, bright, and diverse students in each class. In fact, the environment is so engaging that you will often find yourself raising your hand in the discussions—especially as most are tied to very interesting real-world case studies! Add to that the encouraging and fail-safe classroom environment facilitated here, and you’ll feel even more comfortable sharing your perspective!

2. Lunch break is a quick bite at the cafeteria.

I assumed a lazy lunch can never be part of a hectic MBA routine. That was until I went over to the JB Duke Hotel—a campus hotel connected to our cafeteria by a 2-minute walkway. If you have a break between classes, an extended team meeting, or a wine craving, you can head over for a relaxed lunch! The place is always buzzing with Fuqua students who get discounted lunch rates on a pretty wide menu. And if you head over post your semester exams, you’ll be sure to find at least half your class raising a toast here!

3. MBA Recruiting wraps up in the first year.

At this time, most first-year students have just come out of a hectic internship recruiting season and several companies have given out full-time offers in addition to internship offers to their selected candidates. But rather than assuming that this is the end of your MBA recruiting journey, most candidates are encouraged to keep an open mind about re-recruiting in the second year. An internship is the best time to evaluate whether you are the right fit for a given industry (and vice-versa). Some candidates love their internship experiences and decide not to re-recruit in the second year. Others have chosen to re-recruit post their internships, having realized that they may enjoy their time elsewhere more as full-time employees. When in doubt, you can count on your second-years, peers and the Career Management Center at Fuqua to help you make the best decision for you. Keeping an open mind about trying different things is the essence of the MBA lifestyle!

4. You eventually start hanging out with one tribe.

Six months in, I’ve realized that this just isn’t true. From section mates, to fellow club members, to affinity group circles, to study groups across different electives—you’ll be a part of plenty of tribes; the only difficulty with that is figuring out how to attend all the plans being organized across your different circles each week! Since everyone lives within a 10-minute radius of one another here, you just have to figure out the optimal hopping strategy. You’ll likely build deeper connections with a few people, but the process of getting to know others and continuing to build more of those connections doesn’t stop throughout the MBA journey.

5. The Tavern is only vibing on Tuesdays.

“Tavern Tuesdays” has been an age-old Fuqua tradition. Grabbing a drink at this neighborhood bar is a given on Tuesday evenings for most, and is a great way to stay in touch with your classmates when schedules get busy. But more recently, Tavern has found an even more loyal Fuqua base; we no longer restrict our attendance to only Tuesdays! Walk in on any week night and you’ll likely find at least a few Fuquans hanging out, even if just for a quick study break. Karaoke nights here have definitely been popular lately!

The MBA journey is full of surprises and plot twists, and discovering each of them is the thrill that has made the past six months fly by so soon for us on campus!