Your MBA application is meant to capture your personality, accomplishments, and ambitions. However, we know the process can seem overwhelming at times, so our Admissions team made a series of videos to help you make the most of your application.   


We want to see your academic progress and if you are ready to take on the MBA curriculum. Our team uses transcripts as a roadmap through your academic journey, while standardized test scores demonstrate your readiness for an MBA. Watch this breakdown of the academic portion of the MBA application:


Each of the three required essays shows our Admissions team a different side of you, including post-MBA goals, 25 random things, and ways you will be an active part of Team Fuqua. Learn more about each required essay, and how submitting an optional essay could help you answer questions raised in other parts of your application:

1-page Business Resume

A one-page resume is the main way for you to show your work experience, but our team looks beyond your level of experience. Watch this explanation of our “quality versus quantity” approach and the three ways you can adjust your resume for the MBA application:

Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation gives us a look at the impression you have made on a supervisor or colleague. The most valuable recommendations help us evaluate your professional performance and abilities. For anyone struggling to obtain a letter of recommendation, our Admissions team offers these four suggestions:


The most common form is an interview by invitation, but you can also initiate an interview during open interview season. In this video, we explain how to prepare for your interview, including the one big question that comes up every time: