When applying to business schools last year, it seemed like most of the schools were very similar. However, after I attended Fuqua’s Pride Weekend, a mock class visit, and an admissions information session, I noticed how Fuqua and its students had unique values that aligned with my own. Now, as a Daytime MBA Student Ambassador, I help prospective students understand how they will fit into the Team Fuqua culture. As I’ve talked with prospective students, they’ve shared the fruitful events that helped them choose Fuqua. I recommend prospective students take advantage of campus visits to help provide context for the Fuqua MBA application.

One-Day Campus Visits

If you sign up for an in-person Fuqua campus visit, there are five components of the visit, and each will shed light on a different aspect of Fuqua.

Mock Class Visit

The mock class visit will help you understand the dynamics within a Fuqua classroom. Here, you will understand the culture of the classroom, where participation is highly encouraged and all students share their unique perspectives on certain topics or industries. Although you may not know which classes will be available on the day of your visit, I recommend signing up for a class that is outside your comfort zone. When I did my mock class, I took Digital Landscape in FinTech. As someone who has no interest or background in financial technology, I realized that if I could enjoy that class, then the faculty at Fuqua must be special.

Information Session with an Admissions Counselor

You should attend this information session if you are currently working on your application. They take place in the Admissions lounge with a small group of prospective students, and you will be able to ask an admissions counselor any questions you have prior to submitting your application. I recommend coming prepared with questions, specifically anything around essay prompts, resume, or general programming of the Daytime MBA.

Fuqua Tour & Lunch in the Fox Center

A Fuqua tour will be led by a current Daytime MBA student, and they will show you the classrooms, study rooms, library, main entrance, and auditoriums. You will most likely see current Fuqua students occupying the team rooms with their C-Leads and witness Team Fuqua in action! The tour culminates with a lunch in the Fox Center, where current MBA students will be having lunch during the daily free-time period from 12:45 to 1:45 p.m. During lunch, you will have another chance to talk to a first-year MBA student and other prospective students. I recommend asking any questions you have about classes, adjusting to an MBA, job recruiting, and clubs so you can get a better understanding of how you fit in at Fuqua.

Conversations in the Admissions Lounge with Fuqua Students

I am a little biased here since I work in the Admissions lounge and front desk, but another way to get great insights on the Team Fuqua culture is by chatting with the Daytime MBA Student Ambassadors in the Admissions lounge. We love answering all your questions and want to ensure you leave Fuqua knowing whether you see yourself here. These chats will be informal and don’t even have to be about Fuqua. Use this time to make yourself more comfortable before all the events, build a rapport with current students and showcase your authentic personality. This is the perfect time to ask about the clubs or initiatives you are interested in joining and how you can add value to these clubs, which will help add substance to your essays!

Fuqua Friday

If you are visiting Fuqua on a Friday, you should absolutely stay until 4 p.m. to attend the weekly Fuqua Friday with free food and drinks. Personally, Fuqua Friday is the highlight of my week. It is one of the few times all your classmates will be in the same area. My favorite Fuqua Friday was when Argentina was playing the Netherlands in the World Cup. Hundreds of Fuqua students were crowding around the TVs in the Fox Center—the energy in the room was palpable! I recommend using this event to casually learn about Fuqua student culture and determine if you can picture yourself hanging out with these students every day, which is what I determined when I visited!

Trevor Tuplin with his section classmates in the Daytime MBA program at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Weekend Events

Another great way to take advantage of Fuqua’s campus visits is to attend one of our four Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Weekends. I attended Fuqua’s Pride Weekend in 2021 and it was one of the main reasons I choose Fuqua. I realized that there is a supportive and caring community for me at Fuqua where I am encouraged to be my authentic self. These weekends contain mock classes, information sessions, social events, and so many other great opportunities to chat with students and alumni. If you identify with one of these affinity groups below, I recommend you schedule them into your application process. They will provide you with great experiences to mention in your interviews!

Virtual Events

If you cannot make it to one of Fuqua’s campus visits, I encourage you to sign up for a virtual Daytime MBA visit.

If you would like to speak with a student reach out to our  Daytime MBA Student Ambassadors. Students are happy to share their firsthand experiences and answer your questions.