Being on the Fuqua Daytime MBA waitlist is a tricky place to be. Even trickier still is figuring out how to interact with the admissions office while you are awaiting a final decision! As a member of the admissions committee, I have been working with waitlisted applicants since 2015 and can attest to some of the most meaningful ways I’ve engaged with students on their waitlist journeys.

Applicants can (and should) interact with the admissions office in a variety of ways. Having two to three touchpoints with us during each round is a great level of engagement—it’s just enough to show interest without overdoing it. Some of the most popular ways to stay in touch are highlighted below.

1. Attend a virtual event for students on the waitlist.

I know, many of us attended virtual events in the past and probably spend a good portion of our work day in Zoom meetings. I promise this is worth the effort! With an admissions decision in hand, attending one of our virtual sessions is a great way to learn about how we evaluate waitlisted candidates, what they should consider when reflecting on their application, and to ask admissions committee members questions in real-time. 

2. Come to a group of individual office hours session and be ready to chat.

Our team enjoys getting to know more about applicants on the waitlist. We want to hear about their interest in Fuqua and answer questions that they may have! While Fuqua admissions committee members are unable to give specific feedback on applications, waitlisted applicants should come ready to share updates they are considering for their applications and more information about why the Duke MBA is the right fit. 

3. Submit official waitlist updates.

Our waitlist update form is a way to communicate with all members of the Fuqua admissions committee. As soon as a waitlist applicant submits this, the information will be accessible to the entire admissions committee. Any updates can be shared through this form!

Here are some of the most common updates we want to know about:

  • A new test score
  • A promotion or new responsibility at work
  • A new reason why Fuqua is the right fit

Notice the pattern? Each interaction and update from a waitlisted applicant is a touchpoint with the admissions committee and adds more information to their candidacy. Again, two to three touchpoints per round that an applicant is on the waitlist is enough to show their interest, but they should not hesitate to share meaningful updates with us!