I'm a design-minded product strategist who is passionate about emerging technologies and the future we’re building with them. I've driven innovation at companies like IBM, IDEO, Genesis Mining, and Wyre with a focus on cloud and blockchain products. I serve as an advisor at the tech ethics organization All Tech is Human and have written about the intersection of technology and society for YouTheData, the Center for the Study of Ethics and Technology, and IBM.

I studied political science, philosophy, and literature as an undergrad, and came to Fuqua to hone hard business skills in areas like decision modeling, finance, and strategy. While at Fuqua, I’ve enjoyed having dynamic discussions in technology-free classrooms, helping to organize the 2018 Tech Symposium, and leading design thinking workshops as a member of the Design & Innovation Club cabinet.

My long-term goal is to influence the design and development of emerging technology products to make sure that they’re ethically sound and good for humanity. You can keep up with my latest work at andrew-sears.com.