I was born and raised as a New Yorker and Yankees fan. I studied accounting (a thrilling experience) and international business at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, with a short stint in Rome for the sole purpose of drinking wine and eating pizza. Shortly thereafter I moved back to New York and spent four years at Ernst & Young, most recently providing transaction advisory for mergers and acquisitions, where I got to do cool things like meet Harvey Weinstein and work on high profile acquisitions. I came to Fuqua to pursue a career with a functional role in marketing and/or strategy at a company that does cool things that I care about. Fortunately, thanks to my varied interests, my job search has by no means been limited.

After a quarter century in the Northeast, I packed my bags and headed south. The question I get most from prospective students is: How difficult was the transition from New York to North Carolina? My answer: The transition was seamless — I enjoy being able to make my morning commute without worrying about getting hit by a taxi. But that’s just me.

Fuqua Activities: Association of Women in Business Ambassador, Cabinet member of Fuqua’s Leading Women and General Management Club, Fuqua Pride Ally, and Leadership Cohort Experience participant. You can also find me hanging out at the admissions office lounge talking to prospective students.

Advice: Travel before business school. Forget about the opportunity cost of the extra 1 or 2 months’ salary and just go. I spent time in Southeast Asia and Europe the summer before B-School and it was the best decision I ever made (and I also had the chance to meet many future Fuquans while abroad!).