Who I am: “Trini to de bone” — I’m originally from the sun kissed isles of Trinidad and Tobago, but I migrated to New York City 14 years ago. I consider myself to be from both places. “Foodie” — I love, love, love to cook and experience new foods. I collect spices from every place that I visit. “Board Game Champion” — This is self-professed, but I haven’t lost a game of Scrabble in 8 years. I like to believe that I’ve played Monopoly more than anyone else alive. I’m also a beast at Taboo. “Poetry junkie” — I love poetry and quotes. I have books filled with writings that I’ve collected over the years that I hope to one day pass down to my children. “Wife” — I am married to the most beautiful man in the world and we have the cutest little pup named Ziggy.

What I did: Last summer, I interned at Genentech in its Rheumatology Franchise, working on strategy and operations issues. Prior to business school I worked in pharmaceutical sales for both Pfizer and AstraZeneca. In addition, I volunteered with a non-profit organization that provides access to basic health services in rural African villages.

My plans: I am focusing on Health Sector Management. I hope to move into healthcare strategy after graduation. My ultimate goal is to get into corporate social responsibility — I truly believe that healthcare is a basic human right, and I want to work with corporations to make that a reality for every human being. (Lofty goal, I know!)

At Fuqua: I came here wanting to push myself waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone so everything I do will, or should, attest to such (keep me accountable people!). I also said this last year, and people held me to it! Be careful what you ask for.  On a serious note though, this has been the most amazing experience of my life … words cannot describe the love I have for the people that make this place what it is.