I started my professional career as a human capital consultant by enhancing the organizational structure of businesses but used my volunteer experience to discover my true passion is creating better lives for children. Moving across the country, I became a 5th-grade middle school teacher at Success Academy, New York City’s largest and highest-performing charter school. I wanted to deeply understand the role educational challenges play in impacting student outcomes, and I had to be on the ground level to make this happen.

With a macro-level business understanding from consulting and on-the-ground experience of being a teacher, I realized I needed the time and space to test where my head and heart met. Only then would I be able to make the greatest impact in the education space. Did I want to work on K-12 curriculum? Or focus on upscaling and career transition? Did I want to go into an early-stage startup or a larger company that was also a B-corporation? Business school, and Fuqua specifically, provided me with the tools and opportunities to dig deeply into these impact-oriented questions. Now a Fuqua grad, I’m continuing to blend strategic thinking and pursue my passion for enhanced education for all.