I grew up as the oldest son of two Army officers. After living in Indiana, Boston and New York for the first five years of my life, my family settled down in Fairfax Station, Virginia, when I turned six.

I have since followed in my parents’ footsteps by earning my commission from West Point as an Infantry Army officer in 2005. I have been to some of the military’s best schools including Ranger School, Airborne School and the Marine Expeditionary Warfare School. I’ve also been deployed for a total of 29 months to Iraq and Afghanistan while leading over 180 soldiers during combat operations. I have had the opportunity to directly serve under two general officers and get an inside look at how the highest levels of leadership drive an organization like the Army.

The Army gave me the opportunity to earn my MBA at Duke which may have been the most exciting part of my military career thus far. I learned a lot about strategic thinking and problem solving at Fuqua and am applying those lessons to the Army as I continue my career there post-graduation. Duke gave me a great chance to learn more about myself and for my wife and two sons to experience Durham.