I was born and raised in Boston. I’ve lived in different parts of the Northeast throughout my life so moving down to Durham was the first time I’ve resided outside that bubble. My undergraduate background is in finance and economics. My career prior to Fuqua centered around different functional roles (operations, strategy, and tech) for the banking industry. I decided to come to Fuqua for three reasons. First, upon seeing the school and talking to alumni, it didn’t take long to realize Fuqua’s collaborative and engaging environment would help me achieve my goals. Second, it had one of the best essay prompts ever. I underestimated how difficult writing 25 fun facts about myself would be, but it was definitely fun and shows how the school wants to get to know you outside of your academic and work experiences. Lastly, I’m a huge basketball fan, specifically the Celtics. I had the great honor of being able to see where Jayson Tatum played, witness Coach K in action, and cheer on the Blue Devils. Now post-Fuqua, I’m working in Seoul with Samsung’s Global Strategy Group on projects focused on semiconductors and other various topics.