Despite a bachelor’s in meteorology, I spent my pre-MBA career attempting to hit the tech startup lottery. I co-founded a software advisory firm and worked in customer success, business intelligence, and process optimization at other startups. Most recently, I oversaw the new customer onboarding program for a Series C software integration platform, which was acquired 6 months prior to starting grad school.

Through an environment and MBA dual-master’s program (MEM/MBA), I hope to complement my meteorology degree and startup experience to pursue a career accelerating the adoption of nascent climate technologies. Fuqua offered unique characteristics that made Duke the clear choice for grad school. Owing to the number of MEM/MBA students concentrated on energy, Fuqua seemed to have a larger and more tightly knit community of students passionate about the clean energy transition. Second, because health care is the other dominant community at Fuqua, I found students and administration more credibly aligned with my commitment to serve society through business than those groups at other programs.