After graduating from the University of Virginia, I knew I wanted to pursue a role in the healthcare field due to prior experiences volunteering and interning in hospitals. This led me to PwC, where I worked in healthcare consulting in Washington, D.C.

During my time consulting, I worked on several projects at different health systems. I always knew that I wanted to pursue my MBA to further my career in the healthcare industry, so after four years in consulting, I decided to pack up my D.C. apartment and move to Durham.

As soon as I received the call from Fuqua, I knew Durham would be my future home. I was drawn to Fuqua because of its focused healthcare curriculum and strong community. I have enjoyed exploring Durham, making new friends, and joining several clubs at Fuqua that have allowed me to explore this great community.

During my downtime outside of Fuqua, I love cooking, reading by the beach/pool, having game nights with friends, and exploring new restaurants and areas in Raleigh/Durham.