Before Fuqua

I’ve spent most of my adult life working with words, not numbers. I spent nine years teaching high school English and coaching tennis at an independent school in New Jersey. After graduating with a degree in English from Dartmouth College, I pursued graduate degrees in English and creative writing before landing in a classroom of my own.

Despite my literary past, I’m a math geek at heart: some of my earliest memories consist of solving (interminably long) long division problems on dinner napkins with my accountant father, charting my modest Little League Baseball exploits in composition books, and scoring fantasy football games by hand.

At Fuqua

I moved to Durham with my wife, Molly, and two daughters, Abby (2) and Natalie (eight months). I’m a huge New York sports fan with an embarrassing number of jerseys to match. When not playing ping-pong in the Fox Student Center, I can be found on the fairways and greens of the Washington Duke golf course, dining at a table at Nanataco, or meandering around the Durham Farmers' Market.

I chose to be a part of the Fuqua community, because I want to be surrounded by people who lead by making those around them better.

After Fuqua

I’m excited to explore career options that allow me to exercise both sides of my brain.

A Few of My 25 Random Facts from the Application

  1. I’m fond of disposing of disposable income by eating at restaurants beyond my means.
  2. I spent the summer after graduating from Dartmouth traveling across the country with my best friend to all 30 Major League Baseball parks. Better yet, my friend and I managed to persuade a marketing company to sponsor our trip in exchange for producing some content and collecting some data along the way.
  3. I come from a large Italian family and I was raised Catholic. My family members were very confused when my wife and I decided to get married on a beach in the Florida Keys. They were more confused when we fed them tartare instead of tortellini.
  4. I attribute my love of playing and listening to music to my grandfather, a professional accordion player.