I am a first generation Dominican-American. I was born in Brooklyn, raised speaking Spanish, attending Mets games and dancing merengue and bachata over my summers in the Dominican Republic. I come from a big family — I’m the awesome middle child sprinkled in between 5 siblings. While I was not the first in my family to go to college, I was the first to go away. I attended Carnegie Mellon University where I discovered I had an accent — who would’ve thought?! I also realized how family-oriented I am. I speak to my mother every day, unless I’m across the world somewhere, but even then, we figure something out.

My noble purpose is to motivate others through the identification, exposure and appreciation of their gifts, talents, strengths, potential, passions or calling. I do this by showing them the power of love, how to overcome constraints, hurdles or self-imposed limits and negative thinking. Writing, small acts of service, active listening, a smile over the phone, random acknowledgements and thank you cards are the ways I achieve my noble purpose. I’m trying to save the world by spreading happiness.

Pre-Fuqua: I started my career in management consulting in 2005. I was a Strategy & Change consultant at IBM, where I focused on operations strategy in the energy & utilities industry. I later switched industries and joined Ernst & Young LLP, to work in financial services. I switched specialties and became a strategic technology adviser, as well as the chief happiness officer for my extraordinary working group.

At Fuqua: Diversity Panel Coordinator for Admissions, Student Affairs Chair for the Black and Latino MBA Organization, and member of Fuqua’s Leading Women, Net Impact, and a Forte Foundation Ambassador.

I plan on studying abroad, working with CASE, exploring the outdoors (BOLD), and expanding my leadership capabilities (COLE). I have a baby — I mean, a web publication that I hope to grow and expand while I learn more about social entrepreneurship (visit me atwww.cutegeek.com).

Post-Fuqua: In my eyes, there are 3 ways to improve a business — through its technology, processes, and people. I’ve done the first 2 and now want to focus on the last one. I came to Fuqua to transition into a role where I can help improve a company’s performance by focusing on the development on its people. I am a volcano of ideas waiting to erupt — the possibilities are endless!