I was born in an Armenian family in Tehran, Iran, and moved to the United States in 2021. Perseverance and vulnerability are the two common themes that have appeared in almost any chapter of my life. Prior to Fuqua, I was the CEO of my family business in design and manufacturing for eight years, funded and directed a 0 to 1 residential building development project, and set up the first car assembly line in Armenia.

I think the most extraordinary element to cherish at Fuqua is its people, ranging from the dean, professors, the cleaning and café staff, all the way to the students. Each of these people bring a life story and a unique identity to Fuqua and add a flavor to it. This element helped me realize that I am a part of a whole and there is this invisible community support behind me all the time, and at the same time this very same community also appreciates my uniqueness and makes it stand out.

I play the electric guitar in my rock band. My first band in the U.S. was actually in Fuqua, called “Compromised Integrity.” My second biggest hobby is inviting friends over and cooking dinner for them. What excites me is traveling, learning new skills, stock market and investing, and teaching what I know to others.