I was born and raised in India’s heart, Delhi. By profession, I am an electronics engineer.

I enjoy traveling and meeting people from different nationalities. While en route to Durham, I couch surfed an international dorm (8 students from 6 nations) in Germany to experience the exhilarating environment during The World Cup. This affair topped with devouring delicious cuisines from 11 different countries, each at a different restaurant, made my journey to Fuqua one of my most memorable experiences.

My other passion relates to creative problem solving. I love to look at existing problems and develop improvements to their current solutions as well be among the first to offer solutions to new problems. Along with my friends, I developed a robot that can solve even the toughest mazes within seconds!

Educating kids is another issue that is close to my heart. I participated in educational conferences across the world and chaired 2 educational NGOs. Being an outdoor sports enthusiast, I plan to further my half-marathon running and complete a full marathon soon!

Above all, I believe that the relationships we develop in the journey of life are our best assets. The bonds of sharing and caring make our life beautiful and worthwhile. During my journey to Fuqua, the student blogs helped me understand the environment here and assess my fit. That is why I decided to take time out of the insanely busy first year schedule to give back to the community by helping prospective students get an inside look at the student experience though blogging.