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How to Get a Job Saving the World

November 20, 2012

Like many former Peace Corps volunteers, I hope to save the world someday. I don’t have any brilliant, poverty-ending business ideas at this point (mosquito net that doubles as a fishing net? or…

Finding a Job at Fuqua

November 9, 2012

More than 100 Companies Participate in On-Campus Recruiting It has been a very hectic October. Now several months into my second-year, the full-time job search is on for the Class of 2013. As…

Gaining Media Industry Insight in Los Angeles

January 20, 2012

Trip Coordination—A Great Leadership Opportunity Last year, I joined the MES Club’s Off-Campus Events Cabinet as the Los Angeles Week-in-Cities (WIC) coordinator. I thought it would be a great way to meld my…

A Week in Atlanta, a World of Learning

October 31, 2011

Within two hours of completing my last final, I was seated at the Washington Duke Inn, also known as the “WaDuke,” having a celebratory lunch and drinks with some of my classmates. It…

Back in the Big Apple

October 30, 2011

After being at Fuqua for roughly three months, I’ve learned various lessons, and one of the most important is that scheduled breaks are not really breaks. On October 19, my statistics final finished…

A Week On Wall Street

October 25, 2010

In the wake of the first finals of our MBA careers, many students scattered and took advantage of the unseasonably warm Carolina weather for a week before Term 2 started. It was a…

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