When I first arrived at Fuqua I wanted to make sure that I was involved in activities outside of the classroom and my normal team gatherings. There are so many awesome clubs that get started through the MMS program, and students have a lot of input when it comes to club creation.

There are also pre-established groups that are set up by the MMS administration, one of which is the MMS Admissions Ambassador program. There are 4 ambassador roles: marketing coordinator, phone-telethon caller, tour host, and open house host. Becoming an ambassador is pretty competitive as there is an application and interview process (it is also coveted since it’s a paid position). So I was thrilled when I found out I was accepted to be a tour host for prospective students!

When I toured Fuqua last April, I was lucky enough to have an awesome student show me around who had a very candid conversation with me about the coursework, academics, and social life that came along with MMS enrollment. When I found out that same tour host role was up for hire, I couldn’t wait to submit my application. So far, I have only worked two tours, but as the application season swings into full gear, I know that many more tours will be coming up. I love having the opportunity to speak to prospective students who are interested in coming to Fuqua, and who want to learn more about the program. It has been so fulfilling thus far, and I know it will only get better.

On the flip side, one of the other activities I’m involved in (which is on the opposite end of the spectrum), is the Culinary Connoisseurs Club for which I am the “Baking Chair.” What does that mean, you ask? Well, I’m not completely sure yet, but I imagine that I will be baking a lot of things in the near future. Actually, this coming Thursday, the day after we all return from our (much needed and deserved) fall break, the club is hosting a Foodie Halloween Party. As the Baking Chair, I am responsible for making sure we have volunteers bringing in holiday treats. So far on the menu we have pumpkin bread, ginger cookies, pumpkin-colored biscuits, a gooey goblin chili, and vampire cupcakes. The party decorations have been purchased and costumes are in the works. I will update with pictures soon!