In an earlier post, I spoke at length about the Volunteer Alumni Career Fellow (VACF) Program and the general supportiveness of Fuqua’s alumni. The deep pride alumni have for Fuqua strongly motivates them to stay engaged with the school, especially in terms of mentoring current students.

Another one of Fuqua’s strengths is the level of engagement across programs. Though our individual schedules within programs (such as the MMS and Daytime MBA) often keep us quite busy, it’s important to benefit not just from Fuqua’s academic resources but also from its community. With this in mind, the MMS Black Student Association (BSA) has established a mentorship program with Fuqua’s Black and Latino MBA Organization, which is for Daytime MBA students.

The purpose of the year-long mentorship program is to create opportunities for MMS students to learn from the experiences of MBAs who have similar interests or backgrounds. It should also be an outlet for honest conversations and for sharing general advice on the job search as well as the creation and execution of professional goals. Though the program is in its early stages, it has begun to yield extremely positive results, and just as important, the beginnings of great friendships.