Open Houses are a great way for prospective students to engage with current MMSers and determine whether the program is a good fit for them. Open Houses are supported by MMS Admissions Ambassadors.

Admissions Ambassadors are current MMS students who volunteer to serve as an additional resource for prospective students. Ambassadors offer a current-student perspective and address concerns which may not be addressed during the general admissions process. Ambassadors work with Fuqua’s admissions department to support a number of events including Campus Visits and Open Houses.

Open Houses typically include a panel of current MMS students (who are not Admissions Ambassadors). These student panelists answer a broad range of questions relating to general student life, transitioning to Durham, career prospects post-MMS, and questions about the curriculum. The panelists provide first-hand knowledge of the program — it’s a great way to learn more about MMS!

The next Open House for MMS is January 28, so register online to attend and come check us out!