Dean Bill Boulding
Fuqua Dean Bill Boulding

On Wednesday, March 28, the MMS Class of 2012 had the opportunity to have dinner with the Dean of The Fuqua School of Business, Bill Boulding. The dinner was held at The Cotton Room in downtown Durham. It was a great opportunity to connect with “the man in charge.” After all, he was a part of the team that spearheaded the effort to create the MMS program, which is currently in its third year.

The event was full of great conversation and laughter, all to be expected when there is great (and free) food. 🙂 Dean Boulding also gave a speech congratulating the class on its accomplishments and spent time speaking with students at their respective tables. It was a great way to spend our evening and we really appreciate the Dean for carving time out of his busy schedule for us!

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