As I Walk Away from MMS, I See That I’ve Gained A Lot

How quickly things change! Just a few weeks ago I was anxiously shooting my resume out to companies, hoping to make plans for after graduation. Now, I am looking for apartments and figuring out how to enjoy my last few weeks of free time before I start my new job in June. I am thrilled to be joining a marketing research firm in Atlanta, called The Link Group! It is young, energetic, and a perfect fit for me. Weeks ago I knew that I would find a job I loved, but I wasn’t sure when it would happen. Staying positive, focused, and motivated proved to be my biggest assets.

I’ve learned A LOT throughout this program … there were endless lessons about firm valuation techniques, marketing methods, and how to properly make a PowerPoint presentation. There were also lessons I never could have prepared for, and won’t give up for the world, like learning how to be proactive, how to effectively and efficiently build relationships, write a cover letter, structure a resume, present myself in an interview, and walk into any room with confidence. I think of myself as reasonably personable, yet this program has given me so much insight on improving my communication skills, including focusing my story-telling when talking to potential employers. I’ve also learned to talk about business-related matters and economic issues with conviction and self-assurance — that is a skill I never thought I could have!

This program has been a whirlwind. In one week here, I completed more work, studying, and projects than I did during an entire month of undergrad. There were times when I found myself gasping for air, trying to stay afloat under the weight of the workload, academic pressures, and job-hunting stresses. But looking back on it all, those were the moments in which I learned the most.

I came to graduate school hoping to be pushed, hoping to exceed expectations, and work harder than I ever have. Isn’t that the point?

This Master of Management Studies program completed the circle of my education. I had the liberal arts background, and knew how to look at things qualitatively, and holistically. What I lacked, however, was the ability to answer problems and assess situations with a quantitative understanding and a fiscal standpoint.

There were moments when I didn’t know how I was going to get to the finish line, but now it’s here and I’m anxious to cross it! I will be leaving behind friends, professors, and a community that I have grown to love. Fuqua had faith in me and trusted in my ability to succeed here, even when I wasn’t sure that I was capable of it. For that, I want to say thank you.

Fuqua family, for life!