Chronicling my MMS journey has been an amazing experience, and now as an alumna I hope to give you some perspective on how I’m putting my degree to use.

I’ve had a long standing interest in entrepreneurship, particularly in emerging markets. (Read one of my previous posts about entrepreneurship resources at Fuqua.) What I hope to eventually focus on is business development and strategy in emerging markets. I worked in Ghana for a year before starting the MMS program, and that gave me great exposure in my areas of interest. In addition, the MMS program helped me refine my skills in a way I never would have imagined. I’ve found that my approach to problem solving has become far more systematic. I hear about an issue and immediately recognize options and solutions from cases that we covered in class.

Currently, I’m working on two projects, one is my own and the other is related to my family’s business. My project Start Smart is an online accounting portal targeted at simplifying the financial management process for small- and medium-sized businesses in Ghana. With what I’ve learned at Fuqua I’ve been able to refine the software, create a blog to help me connect with entrepreneurs, and identify effective ways to market and develop my product. It’s still far from being a business, and I’m unsure of where it’ll take me in the future, but I feel far more confident in the outcome being a positive one. With respect to my family’s business, my MMS degree has also proven to be an asset. I’m implementing solutions ranging from supply chain, to marketing, to strategy.

It’s still early, but it’s encouraging to see that my time at Fuqua was truly well spent.