Being a vice president of the MMS Marketing Club has been exciting and challenging for me. I am responsible for communications, i.e. releasing a weekly newsletter, maintaining the club’s blog and Facebook group, gathering information from various resources and communicating them to the club members. I am having a great time working with the President Annika Buettner and Co-Vice President Stephanie Poon. Together we have successfully held several marketing events and helped classmates in their job search.

But I was not entirely sure about running for this position at the very beginning. It was 11:40 pm, 20 minutes before the sign up deadline. I sat in front of my laptop and began figuring out the pros and cons of being a vice president of the Marketing Club. On one hand, I was driven to take a leadership role and make a difference. On the other hand, I was concerned with my overwhelming schedule. Time was ticking, but I still could not make up my mind and send out the sign up email. However, at the last minute, I remembered the most important thing — my passion for marketing, writing and communications. My passion gave me confidence and cleared my doubts. And at exactly midnight I pressed the “send” button and everything turned out great.

From my perspective, the most impressive aspect of being a vice president is that I get to decide what the marketing club can do for the members. For example, we choose the contents and format of the weekly marketing newsletter that’s sent out to all club members. We have tried our best to make it informative, interesting, as well as reader-friendly. In our newsletters, we review one or two major news items, present the upcoming marketing events and announce on-campus application deadlines in an organized way. In addition, in the “News Feed” section we share with the readers something remarkable in the marketing industry.

We are also responsible for holding marketing events such as corporate lunches. By far, our most successfully arranged lunches were with the Link Group (read more about it) and the Agile Marketing Group. These events helped us understand more about the companies and various functions in the industry.

Before all these club events, I actively participated in many marketing events at Fuqua. I considered these events wonderful networking and learning opportunities. The most inspiring one was the Marketing Intensive Day. In this daylong session, I listened to Fuqua MBA alumni sharing their personal and professional experiences in the marketing industry. Since the speakers are currently working in this industry, their cases and elaborations were most updated and insightful. The event provided me with comprehensive knowledge as well as a deeper understanding of marketing.

Fuqua keeps pushing every one of us to find our passion, and I believe I have found mine in marketing. And I am so glad that I nailed the chance to knit my passion into my daily life at Fuqua, and have the opportunity to strengthen my marketing and leadership skills.