During my undergraduate career, it seemed that there were endless opportunities to become involved. Clubs based on preferred pastimes, organizations targeted towards future employment, and various leadership roles volleyed for my attention during my four years in undergrad. I was pleased to discover that the array of opportunities to get involved at Fuqua was just as broad. Below, I will highlight a few ways to get involved, gain essential leadership experience, and follow your own passions while completing the MMS degree.

Master of Management Studies Association (MMSA)

The newly-elected MMSA is presented to our class for the first time as a group
The newly-elected MMSA is presented to our class for the first time as a group

For the politically minded among us, the MMSA is the perfect way to get involved. Members of the MMSA work as the student governing body for the MMS class. All governing bodies need a president. This year, the addition of the MMS: Duke Kunshan University program (DKU) allowed room for two presidents.

Carter Boyle was elected as the MMS: Foundations of Business president and will lead the class all year from Durham. When asked why he chose to run, Boyle said:

“I want everyone in the MMS Class of 2015 to look back fondly on their year and say that it happened BECAUSE they went to Duke, not merely WHILE they were at Duke.”

Potter Weng was elected as the DKU president and will continue his leadership duties once this portion of the cohort leaves for China. When asked about his goals for presidency, Weng said:

“I will establish the foundation of the DKU student association, diversify the cross-cultural experience, and represent the interests of the DKU class. As a local Shanghainese, I am also looking forward to guiding all DKU classmates in exploring the Shanghai region!”

Other roles within the MMSA include the White and Blue Section Reps, the Social/Activity Chairs, the Communications Chair, the Career Chairs, and the Judicial Representatives. All positions provide a link between the student body and various administrative positions, including professors, program directors, and career services staff.


Clubs are also a great way to get involved at Fuqua. There are three professional MMS clubs (marketing, finance, and consulting), and two activity clubs (food & beverage and sports). Each club has three elected officials, two FOB students and one DKU student. Having a leadership role in a professional club is an excellent way to gain more experience, and specifically with that industry, during the intense 10 months of the program when outside employment is often difficult to balance.

There is also an extensive selection of both professional and non-professional MBA clubs that MMS students can  join in order to gain greater knowledge about a particular field or cultivate a specific passion. These range from the Golf Club, to the Net Impact club, to the Fuqua Cocktail & Spirits Club. No matter how diverse your passions may be, it is likely there is a club within Fuqua to fit your interests.

Development Ambassadors

For those who enjoy fundraising or working closely with nonprofit organizations, working as a Development Ambassador might be the right path for you. These students collaborate with their classmates and Fuqua’s Office of Development and Alumni Relations to raise money for the class gift campaign. This initiative encourages students to connect with other alumni, and although this is not always the easiest work, it is a rewarding way to build your own business skills while also helping give back to Fuqua.

Career Ambassadors

From the first weeks at Fuqua, the Career Management Center (CMC) is involved with shaping the MMS experience. As a Career Ambassador, students are able to assist the CMC in promoting the Fuqua brand. Enthusiastic MMS students attend corporate information sessions and gather company insight to pass on to their classmates. This is the ideal position for students who enjoy mentoring or helping their peers, especially with the job search.

Admissions Ambassadors

If you enjoy reaching out to prospective students and offering a helping hand during the application process, a role as an Admissions Ambassador might be the right fit for you. There are four roles for ambassadors.

  • Instagram Managers: These ambassadors keep the MMS Instagram feed relevant, interesting, and up-to-date
  • Admitted Student Liaisons: These current students provide the initial outreach to newly-admitted students and organize tools such as the class Facebook page to make communications between the incoming students easier.
  • Class Visit and Tour Coordinators: These Ambassadors give prospective students who visit campus their first glimpse into life at Fuqua with guided tours and access to MMS classes.
  • Open House Coordinators: These students plan monthly open houses for prospective students and also work closely with administration to plan the admitted student weekend in April.


Finally, for the writers amongst us, contributing to the MMS Student Blog is a valuable way to get involved at Fuqua. This role provides the unique opportunity for students to give a voice to the Team Fuqua experience. I remember reading student blog posts from various graduate institutions before making my decision last year. I enjoyed reading about the day-to-day experiences of graduate students. I chose to become a blogger because I wanted to pass this first-hand knowledge down to the next generation of students researching graduate school options.

Whether your passions lie in student self-governance, wine and food pairings, or writing blog posts, you can rest assured that you will be able to find your niche within the MMS class.