At Fuqua, we talk a lot about branding. We’re taught in marketing class that brand equity is one of the most significant advantages a company can have. The Career Management Center takes this a step further by emphasizing that branding isn’t just an idea used for products; it’s something we create for ourselves.

Helping students craft their personal brand is what Duke excels in. Of course having the name “Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business” on your resume is impressive, but there’s more to it than that. Fuqua makes sure we know our stuff. We’re taught how to present ourselves as professionals, how to demonstrate our business knowledge, and how to show that we are ready and capable of being leaders.

This becomes especially apparent during recruitment season. As fellow classmates run frantically throughout the halls at Fuqua, on their way to class or to the next case interview, they showcase their own brand. Interactions they have with faculty and recruiters demonstrate why they were chosen to study at Fuqua, and what they are capable of becoming.

Steve Dalton, MBA '04 and CMC program director sharing his 2-Hour Job Search concepts
Steve Dalton, MBA ’04 and CMC program director sharing his 2-Hour Job Search concepts with the class. He also wrote a book on the subject.

The job search is also another realization of how important innovation and creativity are. To stand out and show you have something different to offer employers, you have to know who you are, be willing talk about your unique characteristics, and articulate how they will transfer to your work style and performance on the job.

Many Duke alumni go on to be notable entrepreneurs in their field, because they were willing to think outside the box and try something new, and had the skill set to make that innovation work. Fuqua emphasizes this individuality and uniqueness, seeking to find future leaders that are set apart from the masses.