1. Find a place to live

Here are a few choices:

  • Solis
  • Erwin Mills
  • Berkshire
  • The Heights
  • Belmont
  • Swift

The Heights is currently the most common place to live among MMS students. It’s convenient for group projects and carpooling to school.

2. Find someone to live with (optional)

Look at the class Facebook group for potential roommates. Here is my old post from the DKU Facebook group as an example:

“Hi guys! I can’t make it this weekend (Blue Devil Experience weekend for admitted MMS students) because I have an exam tomorrow, but I’m looking to share a two bedroom at The Heights with someone. I’m 21 and I love skiing, pasta, and reality TV. I’m a cheery person and I studied neuroscience at the University of Michigan. I’ve been living with six girls for the past two years so I’m very used to living with people. As a roommate I promise not to eat your food and to keep common spaces clean. I’m not really sure what else to say in this blurb, but if you are interested in living with me feel free to send me a message and ask me anything.”

3. Keep up with the Fuqua to-do list

This will be made available to you by Admissions around April on the admitted student website.

4. Set up electric, Wi-Fi, and water

You can ask others on the admitted student Facebook group or Google the options you have in Durham.

5. Look into moving options

Will you ship everything, will everything fit in your car, or will you make a trip to the Ikea in Charlotte (about 2 hours from Durham)?

6. Consider attending the Blue Devil Experience weekend for admitted MMS students

It’s a great chance to get a feel for the school if you’re still deciding whether or not to attend. Even if you already decided, you’ll get to meet some of your future classmates long before the program starts. 

7. Buy business clothes

But don’t go crazy—you will not be wearing business clothes every day.

8. Determine when to move

I recommend moving at least a week before your first mandatory activities on campus start.

9. Recruit a friend or family member to help you move

It’s always nice to have some help carrying boxes and a familiar face to help you get settled in.

10. Eat at all of your favorite restaurants in your hometown

Check some things off your bucket list before you leave for Durham. 

11. Spend time with friends and family

You’ll be able to return and visit during breaks, but time flies so cherish those moments before the move.