Having explored Kunshan’s dining options during our spring terms there, I have come up with a list of restaurants that you should try when you dine out in the city.

Aozao Noodles Restaurant(奥灶馆)

Aozao noodles is a good representative of Kunshan local food, and one of the top 10 noodles in China. Aozao noodles are often served in a soup bowl with side dishes such as braised beef, boiled pork, or quick-fried fish. In the mornings, you will find the restaurant crowded with the locals who come here for breakfast.

Xin Mei Hua(新梅华)

Jiangsu cuisines should be on the top of your checklist. Xin Mei Hua offers a wide range of traditional local dishes with affordable prices. This restaurant is a must-try in Kunshan, and I recommend you arrive early during meal time if you don’t want to wait for a long time! Roasted duck is Xin Mei Hua’s signature dish and is sliced right in front of you by a chef. There are multiple ways to eat a duck here—duck meat can be wrapped in rolls, duck skin is served with sugar, and other parts of the duck can be cooked in soup.

roasted duck is among Kunshan's dining options


Pang Ge Lia Crab Restaurant(胖哥俩肉蟹煲)

Pang Ge Lia is the most popular restaurant among my classmates. Its signature dish is the crab pot, which contains crabs, chicken feet, rice cake, and potatoes. You can also add shrimp, chicken wings, or bullfrogs into the pot. For many of my non-Chinese friends, it was their first time trying chicken feet and bullfrogs, and they just…fell in love with it!

crab pots are among Kunshan's dining options


Cactus Mexican Kitchen(仙人掌墨西哥餐厅)

Cactus is actually a fusion restaurant that offers Mexican, Italian and American food. The restaurant is located near DKU campus, so it’s convenient for us to stop by. The restaurant has a great nighttime view, and has live performance during dinner. The Greek salad, beef or chicken quesadillas, and beef tacos are strongly recommended.

western fusion is Kunshan's dining options