“Why MMS?”

“Why Fuqua?”

They’re simple, but important questions that you’re probably asking as you explore graduate school options. And honestly, each student in our class might have a different answer. So let’s hear from the members of Section B, Team 11—including the perspectives of a college quarterback, a cheerleading mathematician, a Macedonian national champion in slalom skiing, a passionate teacher, and a dance scholar.

Parker playing football for Duke, Why MMS among other graduate school options

Parker Boehme

“So once upon a time, somebody asked me what I liked most about Fuqua. Even though we had only been in school for three to four weeks, there were already so many different ways for me to answer this question. But there was one that stood out above all the rest. It’s the people. I am surrounded by some of the most unique people I have ever met. They come from all walks of life and all the corners of the world. I learn more outside of the classroom because of this, actually. Not because we have bad teachers or anything, they’re probably the best in the country honestly, but because we are all so different. Our cultures are different, our languages are different, and our values are probably different too. Despite these differences though, I have never been happier on Duke’s campus in my previous four years here. So why is Fuqua a good fit? Because you’re actually going to look forward to going to class and meeting with your group for a case. The people here are simply amazing. ‘Nough said.”

Ra'Jene in Durham, Why MMS among other graduate school options

Ra’Jene Martin

“I chose Fuqua because of the emphasis on teamwork. Having the ability to work with others to accomplish a goal is vital in the workplace. Fuqua making this a key component of the MMS program demonstrates that the school is preparing its students for the future. My team is comprised of people that are completely different than me, which is a good thing because we all have different outlooks on assignments. This helps elevate the end product. Diversity is important to me. I enjoy learning about other cultures and engulfing myself in them. Fuqua gives me the opportunity to interact with people of varying backgrounds and continue to grow as a person.”

Teodora in the halls of Fuqua, Why MMS among other graduate school options

Teodora Stojmanovska

“I always wanted to be part of a program that does not only strive for academic success, but provides an international environment that stimulates students to develop both their hard and soft skills. The MMS program looked like the perfect fit for me because it seemed like a program that encourages students to explore, broaden their horizons, and explore domains that are unknown for them all while working in motivating environment and where you’re exposed to constant learning. I saw it as a place where I will be able to be part of diverse and international environment and learn from people coming from different cultures. The more time I spend in this program the more convinced I am that I made the right decision.”

Siddhant in the halls of Fuqua, Why MMS among other graduate school options

Siddhant Sharma

“Every time I thought about grad school, I thought of an isolated study environment that only allowed you to leverage your own expertise and talents. Fuqua’s messaging about the MMS program was starkly different, and that pulled me towards it. My first week in the program we got put on an accounting case, and I was solving an actual business case problem with the quarterback of the Duke Football team, a Statistics major from the University of Virginia who is also passionate about dance, a national ski champion from Macedonia who spent one year as an exchange student at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in Economics, and an African-American with a degree in mathematics from a liberal arts college in Ohio. All the stereotypes and fixed belief systems I had about people before my time at Duke were broken in the very first week, and I began to see the unique forms of excellence around me.

The Master of Management Studies degree at the Fuqua School of Business is really a starting point. It’s a starting point to becoming a part of a family that values what you stand for and all the principles that make you unique. Your classmates will smile with you when you’re happy and will push you to think bigger when you’re facing setbacks. I came here looking to get skills and a good break into the consulting industry, and trust me I have a way deeper vision for myself now!”

Kingston in a grassy courtyard, Why MMS among other graduate school options

And What About Me?

As an artist striving for a career in business, I have always wanted to study in a program that values individuals’ interests and dreams and that encourages the students to explore, expand, and embolden themselves. The moment I saw Fuqua’s application essay prompt ‘25 Random Things,’ I immediately felt that this program may be a place where I could be myself and where I could meet a lot of interesting souls. After a few months at Fuqua, I was confident that I made the right choice.

Because of the diverse backgrounds and skills of the students in this program, I am able to constantly communicate with and learn from people who share different perspectives and specialties, and as a result, I have grown tremendously both in ways that I approach and solve a problem and in ways that I think and work with other people.