Completing your MMS application can be a daunting task—but luckily, this blog is a great place to come for help. Admissions recently shared some advice on how to approach the application as a whole and we wanted to share how we tackled the “25 Random Things” essay. So here are a few things about each of us.

Lauren Brown

  1. One of my fondest memories is playing in the Indus river with my friends when we visited India.
  2. I had a pet goat named Billy when I lived in Jamaica for a summer.
  3. During my PwC internship, I organized an event for Shine, the LGBTQ affinity group, to build a network and create a sense of community between members and my intern class.
  4. My mother raised me alone, which I view as a strength. She serves as a constant inspiration and support system.
  5. I am constantly judged for disliking chocolate.
  6. My long term goal is to own a chain of luxury spas across the Caribbean.

Anjali Dinesh

  1. No matter how many books I have read, my favorite quote of all time comes from Harry Potter: “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”
  2. I’m tall (5’ 11”) and I kept getting asked if I’m a basketball player. Most people ask this as a joke, but it so happens that I thus got into basketball, and actually play it now.
  3. On the MV World Odyssey ship for a Semester at Sea, I fell over during the captain’s tour, right after proudly claiming that I could keep my balance, and claiming that the ship’s rocking didn’t faze me.
  4. I lived in Belgium for many years and learned a mix of Dutch and French, as half the street signs were in Dutch, the other half in French (yes, I got lost very often). I ended up being quintilingual after moving to India, and still love learning new languages.
  5. I like singing for events and for fun. But I realized how loud I could be when a kind neighbor once let me know that my shower-singing was his morning alarm.
  6. I once headed a team for ‘Project Centurion,’ where we conducted 100 charity projects world-wide in 24 hours—I can still barely believe we pulled that off!

Valencia Jackson

  1. My first job was tutoring English to Chinese students in Chongqing. It was this position that spurred my passion for childcare and development that I pursued during undergrad.
  2. I am the proud mother of a one-year-old kitten. Even though I’m a cat owner, I love dogs too!
  3. I have sung in front of a crowd of over a thousand people! The performance was for the Seeds of Hope charity concert in Chongqing.
  4. Last year, in an effort to cut back on social media use, I began playing mobile sudoku. Now, I have a shelf full of finished puzzle books.
  5. One of my long-term goals is to open a daycare with the help of my mother and grandmother. My sister is studying hospitality and management, so it would be a family affair!
  6. I taught myself how to play guitar and ukulele. I want to learn piano next, but it’s definitely the most difficult of the three.
  7. I am a published model—one of my biggest achievements has been booking a spot in Michigan Fashion Week. My goal is to use my MMS degree to work in the fashion industry.

Ebose Ogbebor

  1. Dogs are cute…but I’m scared of them. Yes, I’m scared of those furry little creatures known as a man’s best friend. I do, however, enjoy videos of cute puppies.
  2. When I was 12, I auditioned for a spot on “Disney.” I heard an ad on the radio and forced my parents to call so I could audition. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if it was even real, but it was a fun audition.
  3. I’m an artist! My current medium is digital art, and I make customized illustrations for others. I have an Etsy shop dedicated to my prints.
  4. I want to own a coffee shop, not for the coffee but for the ambiance.
  5. My name is engraved on a wall at the student union building of my undergrad institution because I attended an event called “Dr. Pepper Hour” every single Tuesday (same time, same place) during an entire semester.
  6. My great-grandmother is alive, well, and over the age of 105.