A finance geek by training and traveler by choice, I came to Fuqua to invest in my most current passion and dream — social entrepreneurship. I was born in New Delhi, India, and have lived there all my life up to this point. Moving from a big, bustling city to a suburb surrounded by forests was somewhat of a relief at first, before it got harder. But being in this program, in this university, and in this city, I have discovered more things about myself than I thought would be possible.

I attended the University of Delhi, where I focused on finance. After graduating in 2011, I went on to work with McKinsey & Co. as a Corporate Finance Analyst for almost two years prior to coming to Fuqua. My interests range from dancing — I am trained in classical and Indian folk dance forms — to singing, reading fiction and travelling. Not to forget food, which is a big part of being Indian! I love meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds, and this was one of the key reasons I decided to come to the US for my masters’ program.

Fuqua Activities: Curriculum Chair of MMS Association; Vice President of Net Impact Club; Member of Consulting Club; Project Innovator with Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators.