I am a thoroughbred New Jersian, having lived my entire life in the state until coming down to Fuqua.

Prior to Fuqua

I received my undergraduate degree at Princeton University, where I studied English language and literature. I also ran four years of varsity cross country and track. Pretty much all I did was run, read, write, eat, and sleep.

Aside from being a compulsive runner, I am also a total automotive fanatic. I wrote my senior thesis at Princeton on the automobile in American culture, focusing on films and car ads from the late 1940s into the 1960s. Thankfully I was able to bring my own car down to school in Durham to enjoy the warm weather and open roads of North Carolina.

Why Fuqua and MMS?

Two summers ago I interned at Johnson & Johnson as part of a consumer marketing co-op. After five months there, I knew I wanted to get into the business world, which compelled me to think about graduate opportunities where I could hone the skills needed to do so. Now with the business and teamwork skills taught here at Fuqua, combined with the writing, reading, and thinking skills I learned at Princeton, I certainly believe my future career opportunities are endless.

I am looking forward to relating my experiences to everyone who comes across this blog, and I expect that my fellow writers and I will be able to give you all a taste of what MMS is all about. Go Duke!