Traveling frequently as a kid really impacted my sense of the world. I grew up in West Orange, NJ, but I also spent time in places like Tucson, AZ, and Abu Dhabi, UAE. Before coming to Durham, I lived in Salt Lake City for 10 years, where ultimately I studied biology and economics at the University of Utah.

After hearing a Bain & Company consultant speak at a finance club event in college, I fell in love with the management consulting field. I also worked at the Sorenson Center for Discovery and Innovation, a consulting firm specializing in healthcare and tech engagements.

I applied to Fuqua in order to expand my business acumen, and get more exposure to the consulting field. Upon arriving, I was immediately surrounded by a diverse cohort of interesting people, each of whom hails from a different spot on the globe. That’s one of the most significant reasons I came here—to develop my cultural identity in a teamwork-centered culture.

After I graduate with my MMS degree, I’m interested in expanding upon my experiences at Sorenson to work in a general management role at a biotech or pharmaceutical company.

In my spare time I enjoy doing speaking engagements and organizing get-togethers with friends and classmates.