You may not be able to tell from my appearance and from my family name that I am from Russia, but yes, I am from Russia (I speak Russian and have a Russian passport). I lived almost all my life in Moscow, except for several years of my early childhood that I spent in Uzbekistan and then another 3 years in Japan. Ethnically, I am ¾ Korean and ¼ Russian, but how my Korean grandfather fell in love with my Russian grandmother is a totally different story. :-)

I love to travel and I have been to many different countries, but there are still more to go. Coming to the US was one of my dreams. And here I am. So I guess dreams really come true, right?

I did my undergrad in Moscow majoring in Economics and Finance and worked at one of the Big 4 companies — KPMG. I am really passionate about media, fashion, and finance. At this point in my life, I am trying to combine my economic background with my personal interests for my future career. And I hope that the MMS program will help me achieve my goals.

I am really interested in helping other people, especially the elderly. In Russia there are so many elderly people that are left all alone in care homes. Reaching out to them by writing letters and sending gifts was something I really enjoyed doing, and I hope to continue making an impact (even a tiny one) on other people’s lives.

The last thing I wanted to say is that I am really excited to be in this program and feel really lucky to have the opportunity to share my MMS experience with all of you awesome people!

Fuqua Activities: MMS Finance Club, Luxury Brand and Retail Club, Media, Entertainment and Sports Club, Net Impact.

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