I hail from Hyderabad, a vibrant city in India, and obtained my master of management degree from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in May 2020. Prior to my Fuqua experience, I pursued my undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering in Hyderabad. Following my bachelor’s degree, I spent a year working with an education technology startup before embarking on my Fuqua journey. Presently, I hold the role of regional director at Bachpan Play school and Academic Heights Public School.

During my undergraduate years, I discovered my passion for merging my analytical acumen with practical business skills, which led me to consider pursuing a business education. Fuqua’s MMS program stood out to me for numerous reasons, particularly its emphasis on teamwork and the extensive network of accomplished alumni.

Growing up, I had the privilege of witnessing my father’s involvement in the education industry, which deeply influenced my career path. Joining the education sector seemed like a natural choice for me, and the MMS degree played a pivotal role in shaping my professional trajectory. Alongside the invaluable support of the alumni network, the skills I acquired at Fuqua have directly contributed to my success in my current role, enabling me to navigate my career path with confidence.

During my time in the MMS program, I actively served as an admissions ambassador, sharing my experiences with prospective students. Additionally, I had the opportunity to participate in the Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum, where I honed my consulting skills. I was also part of the winning team in the Accenture Case Competition. Opting to join Fuqua was undoubtedly one of the finest and most rewarding decisions I have made, and my time at Fuqua remains a cherished chapter in my life.