I was born and raised in Houston. I came to Fuqua to pursue my Masters in Management because I wanted to continue learning and experiencing all the world had to offer and I loved the community and culture of Duke University.

Prior to attending the program, I had the privilege of attending Texas A&M University where I not only graduated with degrees in communications and philosophy, but also served in multiple leadership and development positions such as Memorial Student Center Freshmen in Service & Hosting (MSC FISH) and Fish Camp, the Texas A&M extended orientation program for incoming freshman, where I had the honor of helping over 3,000 freshman transition into the Aggie family. One of my favorite life experiences has been to work for the Texas A&M Foundation who provides funding to Texas A&M University through scholarships, research grants, and professor fellowships with the goal of empowering future leaders. It is where I fell in love with philanthropy and education and hope to contribute back one day either through time, talents, or gifts.

My favorite things to do include reading a good book (my favorite is “Everybody Always” by Bob Goff and “The Firm” by John Grisham). I also love photography and have fallen in love with capturing the world around us and telling its story through photos. Most of all though, I love to spend time with friends and family either playing video games with my brother online or drinking a good beer and talking with my best friend from college, Noah, who is now a student at the Duke Divinity school. These life experiences and relationships have taught me the impact that availability and compassion have in the lives of others and it is always my goal to support and empower people to be whoever they want to be through these values.


“You never know just how many people you may be a lighthouse for. You never know how many people find their way home, in even the wildest storms, because you are there.”  Cleo Wade